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We make shopping for pipes and cigars easy. We scour the web, check catalogs, and beat up our vendors to bring you the guaranteed best prices on the products we sell. if you find a better price on pipes, cigars, pipe tobacco or any of the cigar and pipe accessories we sell, just let us know and we'll beat it! Of course, you'll have to tell us who it is and where we can verify their price. We work hard to check our prices, so you don't have to.


We've been in the cigar and smoking pipe business for over 20 years. We've seen and sold the best of the best when it comes to high grade smoking pipes, premium cigars, and smoking accessories. We only sell best products. If an item doesn't live up to our standards, we don't offer it to you. That doesn't mean we only sell expensive items. Some inexpensive tobacco pipes and cigars meet our standards by offering you exceptional quality for the price.


We also give the best customer service. If you have a question about us or any of our products, just ask and we'll be happy to answer it promply. Unhappy with your purchase? We'll make it right. We care about our customers, because we love the products we sell. Everyone should enjoy them as much as we do.


We ship all of our products via the fastest shipping method, depending on your location and value of your order. We charge less than our actual cost on shipping, saving you money and getting the finest pipes, cigars and accessories into your hands quickly.


We make it easy! The way business should be.


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