MacArthur 5-Star Bent Corn Cob Pipe

MacArthur 5-Star Bent Corn Cob Pipe

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This is the iconic pipe MacArthur smoked and partially designed by the General himself. It has a shortened tobacco chamber depth for an easier smoke, which also made the pipe easier to use as a pointer. The long stem provides a cool smoking experience. Available in a straight version with a Natural bowl and a bent version with a coated and Polished bowl. See Product Description below for more details.
  • Details

    This pipe is great for smoking, but also can serve as a conversation piece sitting on the mantle.

    #995 Polished Bowl with Bent Bit

    Large, Deep, Conical-Shaped Bowl


    Approximate Dimensions

    Length: 9.5 in/241.3 mm

    Bowl height: 4.375 in/111.125 mm

    Chamber diameter: .75 in/19.05 mm

    Chamber depth: 2 in/50.8 mm