Drew Estate Smoking Pipes by Tsuge

Drew Estate, one of the most iconic premium cigar makers, now offers smoking pipes, made by the infamous Tsuge pipe company in Japan. The pipes feature a modular design, easily disassembled for cleaning. Each pipe also features a custom cap, engraved with the Drew Estate logo, which will allow for transporting a full bowl of tobacco until you're ready to smoke. The bowl can be unscrewed from the base, and there is an area that can be filled with tobacco, to act as a filter, and provide a delicious dry smoke. The pipes are custom designed by Tsuge and utilize a patented aluminum technology that is guaranteed to remain cool to the touch during smoking.

I find the modular design of Drew Estate Pipes to be unique, intriguing, and actually, quite useful. I always loved the design of Tsuge Tankard pipes, but was always put of by the small size of the bowl chambers. Tsuge often designs smaller pipes for the Japanese pipe market, but they have caught on in the US over the years. The Drew Estate pipes are larger, and what most American pipe smokers would consider full-sized. The military style mouthpieces and removeable bowls make for easy cleaning and storage.

Drew Estate claims that the baseplate cap can be unscrewed and used as a windcap, for smoking in hurricane-like conditions. This is untrue. Although it may have been their intention, there are not holes in the cap, and when it is screwed onto the bowl, does not permit airflow. However, there is a use for this cap. You can fill the bowl with tobacco, and screw the cap onto it, allowing easy transportation of a bowlful of pipe tobacco, until you're ready to smoke it. This could be good for outdoor types, who don't want to carry around a pouch of tobacco. The easy removal of the military mouthpiece means you can store your pipe, filled with tobacco, in a small pocket.

The pipe bowl unscrews from the aluminum base, exposing a fairly large chamber on the Robusto sized pipe, and smaller chambers on the Churchill and Belicoso pipes, respectively. This chamber can, and should, be filled with a small amount of tobacco, to absorb any excess moisture created during combustion of the pipe tobacco. Since the base of the pipe is aluminum, it will stay much cooler than the bowl, and develop condensation. The chamber can be filled with a larger amount of tobacco, packed to the smoker's preferrence, to create a filter. I could see this as be appealing to those who enjoy 9mm filter pipes.

Overall, I find the fit and finish of these pipes to be outstanding. The shapes are exciting and different than traditional pipes, and will most likely attract a new generation of pipe smokers. Like other Tsuge pipes, the construction is flawless, which should draw the attention of seasoned, more demanding pipe smokers. Drew Estate changed the face of traditional cigars with their Acid cigars, and I think they may actually be changing pipe smoking as well.

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