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Marco V Cigars

Marco V Cigars

Here at King Smoking Pipes and Cigars, we get to try a lot of new cigars, some of which we've never heard of. That was the case with Marco V Cigars. I guess we just weren't paying attention. After all, they were named the best cigar at the 2013 IPCPR show!

Marco V uses premium tobaccos grown on their exclusive farms in La Canela, Dominican Republic and Jalapa, Nicaragua. La Canela is a small village, surrounded by mountians, in the valley near Santiago. Jalapa has similar topoghraphy, near the Honduran border. Both are amoung the most prestigious tobacco growing regions in the world.

Unlike other cigar producers, Marco V offers only one size for each of their blends. This is truly the correct way to make great cigars. Did you ever notice that only one size in a line gets those high ratings from Cigar Aficionado or one of the other critics? That's because, with any given blend, there can only be one size that is perfect for that blend. Smaller cigars have a higher wrapper to filler ratio, thus changing the flavor. Larger cigars have more filler, once again changing the way the blend tastes.

Marco V began his company at a time when 60 ring guage cigars were gaining in popularity. He hired rollers that knew large ring guage cigars, and created blends to fit these sizes. He's got 3 available in 5x60, were blend meets size perfectly. The Marco V Diamond utilizes a double-aged, US grown, Connecticut shade wrapper that imparts a delicate, buttery flavor, and produces a creamy, smooth mouthfeel. The Marco V Platinum cigar sports a dark, rich, triple maduro Aripiracan wrapper producing a bold, somewhat spicy flavor. The Marco V Gold also uses a triple maduro Arapiracan wrapper, which I suspect is from a lower priming, due to it's lighter color and slightly less intense flavor as compared to the Platinum.

More recently, Marco V has ventured into making other sizes, but continuing to find the correct blend for the size, or maybe the correct size for the blend. The Marco V Havana Box Pressed is a 5x50 Robusto, wrapped in a beautiful, Havana 2000 wrapper. The aging produces a smooth, well balanced, and complex delight to the palate. The Riviera is a 6x48 figurado, known as the Fabuloso. The Riviero Fabuloso is a Maduro wrapped, full yet smooth cigar, with taste complexity I can only compare to fine chocolate. There's a lot of rich flavor going on, soem natural tobacco sweetness, and creamy, mouthwatering body to the smoke. If you can't tell, the Riviera Fabuloso is my favorite Marco V cigar.

The cigars I've previous mentioned are all made in La Canela, using Dominican filler and binder. There are currently two cigars produced using his Nicaraguan tobaccos. The Marco V Black Sapphire is a box pressed, medium to full flavored, 6x52 Toro, with a San Andreas Maduro wrapper and healthy dose of Jalapa Ligero. The Dom Prive is a 6x64 box press, with a Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder. The larger ring guage tones down the Nicarguan filler, creating a rich, well balanced blend, that is more medium than full flavored.

Marco V cigars are also very reasonably priced, and I'd encourage everyone to give them a try.

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