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McClelland Pipe Tobacco Choices

McClelland Pipe Tobacco

With so many blends to choose from, McClelland Tobacco Company has pipe tobacco blends to suit every taste. One could spend hours reading through descriptions, reviews, and labels in search of their own personal "holy grail" of pipe tobaccos. To make it easier, we've compiled a list of the top-selling blends from McClelland. This is by no means a complete list of their offerings. After 20 years in the pipe business, we've obviously learned which blends are the most popular, and that is the list we bring to you today. If you find your favorite blend is missing from the list, feel free to contact us and let us know!

McClelland 2015 Virginia Flake + Perique is by far, their most popular flake tobacco. A tasty and satisfying mixture of Orange and Red Virginias, with just the right amount of Perique added, then pressed into cakes and sliced. Easy to rub out to the smoker's personnel preference.

McClelland 5110 Dark English is a full, rich English mixture with a considerable amount of Latakia, blended with the finest Orientals and stoved Virginia. This dark and flavorful blend is sure to satisfy the most demanding of English pipe tobacco lovers.

McClelland 5125 Coyote Classic

is a full, rich Oriental mixture with a considerable amount of Latakia, blended with fragrant Turkish and sweet matured Virginia, then aged for several months to develop a smooth character.

Black Sea Sokhoum - A strain of Samsun grown on the mountain slopes beyond the far Eastern shore of the Black Sea, this classic Oriental tobacco, considered by many to be among the finest grown, lends depth and a mild, sweet, mid-cigar-like flavor to Black Sea Sokhoum, an elegant Matured Virginia pipe tobacco blend.

Classic Samsun - In the hinterlands just south of the Black Sea in Eastern Turkey, these prized Oriental tobaccos draw their sweet, nutty flavor from the rocky soil as they have done for 350 years. Enjoy the distinctive, mellow, pleasant character of the famed Samsun in this fine pipe tobacco blend.

Drama Reserve - The famed Drama leaf is sweet and subtle with a natural olive oil fragrance. It is grown on the Southern slopes and foothills of the Rhodope Mountains, the Classic Drama Basma District in Greek Eastern Macedonia, and includes the renowned Mahalia. It is refreshing, delicate, intriguing. McClelland's Drama Reserved is refreshing, delicate, and intriguing; designed to demonstrate just why the classic top-grade Drama leaf is so celebrated.

Venice Agony - Grown near the Sea of Marmara, not far from the ancient Troy or Illium, this wide, fine-textured, reddish yellow Turkish tobacco variety is renowned for being smooth on the palate with a delicate aroma. Yenice is pronounced Yenidje in Turkish, and the Agonya seed from which it is grown is of Xanthi origin (that first Yenidje of legend). This blend is designed to highlight the beautiful Agonya leaf's mellow taste and subtle fragrance.

Yenidje Highlander - A classic mixture of Yenidje, from the very mountain district where its fame began, with both Cyprian and Syrian Latakia and just enough matured red Virginia and mellow Maryland to create an incredibly smooth, cool-smoking Oriental Mixture of outstanding character.

Yenidje Supreme - The finest of Xanthi in this blend comes from the best original Yenidje growing area of Western Thrace. These small, delicately aromatic top leaves from the mountains (Djebel) and lower slopes (Yaka) have been renowned for their sweet, mild flavor and delicately tangy aroma since the 1600s. McClelland's Yenidje Supreme is designed to demonstrate why this particular Xanthi is known as "The Queen of Tobaccos."

Smyrna No. 1 - Back when Istanbul was Constantinople, Izmir tobacco was Smyrna. "A rose by any other name..." These tiny, top-grade tobacco leaves from mountainous Western Turkey across from the Island of Khlos have long been prized as the most aromatic of all Orientals. They grown dense and extremely fragrant in this dry country moistened by Mediterranean Sea breezes. Smyrna is the defining ingredient in this sophisticated Oriental blend.

Syrian Full Balkan - Syrian Latakia is prized for its unique, exotic fragrance. It adds a magnificent, rich aromatic character to this mild, cool-smoking, elegant Balkan Blend.

Best of Show - A blue-ribbon blend of America's finest tobaccos. You'll judge it full flavored, satisfying and mild. It is polished off with nougat flavoring. Tastefully opulent. A winner!

Captain Cool - This is a cool smoking, mild pipe tobacco that will not bite the tongue. Lightly fragrant with a hint of Vanilla and a touch of mint. Always appealing.

Tastemaster - A smooth creamy chocolate flavored aromatic pipe tobacco. It is gentle on the palate and abundantly flavorful throughout, owing to the excellence of the superior tobaccos chosen for this masterful blend.

Mellow Mack - This is a mild, smooth, rich pipe tobacco that improves throughout the smoke owing to the slow release of the flavors inherent in the top quality leaf used in the blend. The aroma tends toward wild honey and, perhaps, pecan.

Frog Morton - An exceptionally dark, rich and full Latakia mixture designed for those who desire really satisfying Latakia flavor, but want a pipe tobacco soft enough to smoke any time. It took Frog Morton four years to perfect this unique blend which is full and yet mild, designed for smoking in quiet serenity. It is his proudest achievement.

Frog Morton on the Town - Frog Morton formulated this exceptionally mellow blend, fragrant with Basma, smooth and rich with Latakia, for his evenings at the opera. This is an elegant companion to the soft, full Latakia blend.

Frog Morton on the Bayou - When floating on the Bayou, Frog Morton prefers this rich, satisfying Balkan blend which he flavors with the finest Louisiana Perique. Smooth, dark and calming, like the waters of the Bayou, a relaxing Balkan blend.

Frog Morton Across the Pond - Remarkably cool smoking, delightfully fragrant. Frog Morton journeyed far across the pond to find the exotic components for this rich, smooth pipe tobacco blend, enhanced with rare Syrian Latakia. He says it was worth the trip.

Frog Morton’s Cellar - A mellow, fragrant stave-aged Latakia blend enhanced with stave cubes cut from barrels used to mature and flavor Frog Morton's own special whiskeys. The unique whiskey character is at once delicate and rich. He considers this skillfully crafted, beautifully balanced mixture to be the stellar achievement of his well-stocked cellar.

No. 22 Virginia - A balanced blend of Eastern and Middle Belt Virginias aged in cakes to develop natural sweetness. A zesty tobacco with rich undertones, coarse enough to smoke on windy days outdoors, but easily rubbed out to suit any occasion.

No. 27 Virginia - An excellent all day, indoor smoke, this beautiful, orange-red shag cut cake has a mellow flavor and a light, subtle aroma.

Virginia Woods - Formulated for a smooth, rich flavor with an incomparable woodsy aroma. Blended from the finest matured red cake, stoves black Virginia, wide cut Bright Virginia and other premium tobaccos, Virginia Woods offers one of the ultimate experiences in Fragrant Matured Virginia smoking.

Dark Star - Years before tinning, this tobacco begins as bright yellow, sugary top grade Virginia and Carolina leaf. Through careful triple aging, pressing and stoving, it becomes rich, cool and dark. A seductively spicy aroma develops during the extended maturing process to compliment the complex flavor of this concentrated, smooth broken flake, which is easily rubbed out to suit any occasion.

St. James Woods - A highly sophisticated broken flake of matured red and black stoved Virginias, pressed with the finest Louisiana Perique. This beautiful, mottled tobacco has an especially deep, rich character with that mysterious and compelling aroma that is Perique alone. A truly satisfying delight for natural Virginia pipe tobacco smokers.

British Woods - Full, rich and dark, heavy with fragrant Latakia, spiced with premium Macedonian tobaccos. Lightly sweetened with Matured Virginias, this distinguished Oriental Mixture is slow burning and cool smoking. It offers richness and depth plus unparalleled smoothness and refinement.

Dominican Glory Maduro - A balanced blend of rich, dark maduro cigar leaf and matured red and stored Virginia tobaccos. The perfect pipe tobacco for the connoisseur of maduro cigars, who enjoys pipes. Pressed in cakes and aged to develop character and marry the flavors, then cut in flakes to be rubbed out to the smoker's personal preference.

Dominican Glory - The flavor of a fine, mild cigar in a satisfying tobacco for the pipe. This blend of premium, aged Dominican cigar leaf is seasoned with Matured Virginia for balance and refinement and is presented in a wide ribbon form for cool smoking pleasure. For the best of both worlds, enjoy Dominican Glory in the pipe.

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