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Peterson St. Patrick's Day Pipes 2016

The Peterson 2016 Saint Patrick's Day pipe are in! Peterson has once again done a spectacular job on these highly collectible and functional St. Patrick's Day Limited Edition pipes. They feature a smooth, contrasty medium-to-dark brown finish, which shows off the grain beautifully. Alternating silver and orange bands on the shank provide a complimentary contrasting, exciting yet elegant look, and the fishtail mouthpiece is sure to please any pipe smoker.

The packaging on the 2016 Peterson St. Patrick's Day pipes is as exciting as the pipe itself! A Pot O' Gold and "2016 Limited Edition" grace the top of the sleeve, while the image of a whimsical Leprauchan, picking four-leaf clovers appear on the side. Peterson of Dublin, and of course, "St. Patrick's Day" appear as well.

Enjoy our video above, and watch our other videos on pipes, pipe smoking and cigars. The Peterson St. Patrick's Day Limited Edition pipes always sell out quickly, so get yours today!

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